How to influence anyone? 5 Psychological Facts about great influencers

Have you ever wondered what unique qualities make someone who can easily handle heated battles or make you agree with every suggestion they make? In this article, we will be discussing those skills which you can also master from Phil M. Jones’ book ‘ EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY, the magic words for influence and impact.’

Phil M. Jones, International Professional Speaker, and Persuasion Coach


1. The Rhythm of Three

This strategy works upon the concept of options; for whatever works you can give 3 options to people where the first 2 options will be unfavourable or negative while the last option will be what you wanted. For an instant, if you desire to convince your buddy to join in your start-up from his/her current employer, you can use the rhythm of 3 rules as giving 2 negative consequences of the job he is doing and last, making him/her comfortable to work with you as the fellow founder in your start up.

You can say, ” I know you don’t want to work with this company XYZ, and if you want to get a job, you have to send your resume to numerous companies with slim chances of getting an interview call from a few and even if you get into a job, you will be bogged down with contractual agreements. Moreover, even if you keep working with your present company for your whole life, you will feel failure and remorse will strike you as you wanted to do something worthwhile with your skill sets. However I am offering you a deal to work with me part-time as a co-founder in my start-up till my business grows and you do not need to work for the current company, join me to take our start-up to a new level. There is no string attached to it nor there is nothing to lose.’ It has proven through contrast principles, human psychology will choose 3rd option.

2. I am Not Sure If It’s for You But

The fear of rejection of our proposal or ideas is one of the human debacles that prevent us from achieving our greatness. The magic to prevent the complexity of this fear is to master using the phrase ‘ I am not sure if it’s for you but .’ It gives the people feelings, they are not put under pressure to decide their points which subconsciously eases their senses of resentment and hostility.

Nobody likes to be pressurised to take their own decisions. So when you use this phrase people will be excited to listen and enquire leading to your consolidation of conversation to your favour. For example, if you are selling your used goods and ask someone in your neighbourhood,’ I am not sure if it’s for you but do you know someone in your family or relatives who wants to get used furniture in good working condition.’ It will be obvious your neighbour may end up getting some for themselves.

3.What do you know about…?

Every one of us wants to be wise or at least know as many things as possible and doesn’t want to feel down looked upon with the knowledge we possess. This magic phrase helps us to evaluate other people their depth of understanding on specific topics which they consider to have the upper hand.

4.If I can, Will you ?

It can help us to figure out excuses for other people and help to figure out the real intent of the people. Salespeople usually employ this tactic to bargaining customers to find their credibility. You can also use this phrase to find out the real intention of your relationship or business setting

5.Just Imagine

It is the motivating phrase that triggers our instinct and converts it to hope. People are willing to listen to you if you strike the conversation with this phrase, in situations like business talks. You can convince your fellow mates to motivate you to work towards achieving a common goal with just imagination of life when you guys are successful.

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