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Easy ways to master Intermittent Fasting ( IF)

intermittent Fasting


What is intermittent Fasting ?

Intermittent Fasting(IF) is a dieting pattern where you have specified periods for feeding and fasting simultaneously.It gives shocks to your body which runs into conservation of energy mode.When there is no supply of food for extended period, the body undergoes change in hormonal profile which prepare body to fight starvation.

IF basically helps in releasing Human Growth Hormone (HGH),Insulin and Adrenaline.HGH in adult helps in muscles repair and recovery along with fat burning which facilitates bulking muscles. while fasting,HGH helps your body to burn the fats to compensate the food required. Alongside HGH, Insulin is released which makes your body insulin proactive making metabolism faster,preventing weight gain. Hence,these two hormones lead to so call Nutrient Repartitioning which makes your body food efficient.

There are various methods of intermittent fasting along the time frame,while most commonly practised is 16-8 or 18-6 method.

For an instance if you are to go for 16-8 method,you have 16 hours window for fasting and remaining 8 hours to feed. Intermittent Fast Practitioners mostly don’t shy away from having tea or coffee combined with drinking water during those 16 hours of fast,while 8 hours are strictly assigned for meals (2 times mostly).You can scheduled the time for meal depending upon your convenience.The people mostly chose the time frame as :- 9 am to 5 pm, 2pm to 10 pm or 12 pm to 8 pm.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Intermittent Fasting is often considered as miracle medicine for its curative nature. Those individuals serious into this game has shown improved in overall lifestyle. Intermittent Fasting has improved overall muscle functions, weight loss, improved reflexes and coordination and in some prevented cancers as well.

On the contrary note, Intermittent Fasting be challenging at a time especially when you are start out. The urge to break new-normal eating pattern could be experienced for couple of days then your body will finds revived energy. Other reason why you find IF a hurdle can be attributed to social aspects. You have to at at time for-go your dinner party or meal with family. However,you can schedule your Intermittent Fasting at your ease.

On personal note,I am true believer and practitioner of intermittent fasting .Combining with 3 times a week gym, it has improved my muscles growth and weight loss.

Approaches to incorporate in daily life

During Intermittent Fasting you must stay in caloric deficit if you are into weight loss. Take the food below your requirement during feeding window. You can have water and coffee without sugar or green tea. You can break your fast with Veggies or fruits.

You may combine IF with Keto/Paleo Diet to boost your overall lifestyle

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