Ramla Ali

Amazing story of Ramla Ali

Ramala Ali

“Everything she has, she’s earned. She gives women hope and a reason to believe that anything you set your mind to is possible.”Manny Robles, Ali Coach

Ramla Ali was born in Somalia ON 16th September,1989 in Somalia. The Civil war forced her family to seek asylum in United Kingdom after harsh dealing with demise of her brother.

She told CNN in 2018, “The justification for why we came here is on the grounds that my oldest sibling kicked the bucket in the conflict. He was struck by an explosive as he played external the house. Clearly, from that point, my mother didn’t need that life for us.”

She is no stranger to hardship and breaking the barrier as refugee. Her dedication and perseverance on training ring was praiseworthy which turned her passion for boxing into career.

Ramla Ali

On 19th August,2022,the 32-year-old compose one more part in her wonderful life as she defeated Crystal Garcia Nova of the Dominican Republic in the very first female match to be facilitated in Saudi Arabia. She knocked out her opponent in just more than a minutes.

The event was hosted in Saudi Arabia for first time. Ramla Ali comment on Saudi Arabia being “Very Progressive ” nation to embrace women rights citing an example of facilitating women boxing events has received backlashes from Human Rights Organisation Amnesty International

“In recent years, Saudi women who have been brave enough to call for reforms in the country have been jailed, tortured and completely silenced.

“We wish Ramla Ali well in her fight on Saturday and in her future boxing career, but there’s nothing even faintly progressive about Saudi Arabia’s human rights record.

“This fight is yet more sport swashing as Saudi Arabia tries once again to distract from its appalling human rights record.”


Ramla ali

Occurring in Jeddah on Saturday, the battle highlights Ali on the undercard of Oleksandr Usyk versus Anthony Joshua as the strict “battle” for ladies’ privileges has arrived at new levels in the realm.
“I’m pleased to give my local area and my kin trust and give African young ladies one more motivation to take up sport and make progress towards anything they need to,” Ali told CNN Sport.

Ramla Ali

Battling to fit in at school, Ali was prodded due to her size, however it was in her new home that she found the game of boxing – – at first as a relaxed, sound side interest to get thinner.
Yet, her side interest before long sprouted into an enthusiasm.
Ali turned into an effective beginner fighter, bringing home championships like the 2016 Great British Championship.
Talking about the accomplishment, she told CNN in 2018: “I went in there somewhat of a like a long shot … I was so frightened when I saw the rundown [with the other fighters] and I wound up beating them and ended up as the winner.”

Ramla Ali

She then proceeded to leave a mark on the world at Tokyo 2020, turning into the very first Somalian (both man or lady) to contend in boxing at the Olympics.Currently she is 7-0, undefeated amateur boxing champion representing Somalia.

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