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Why UTI after Sex ? You should Know


Definition and Causes

UTI after sex,can you have sex with a uti

A urinary tract contamination (UTI) is a bacterial disease that influences your urinary framework, including your urethra, bladder, ureters, and kidneys. Albeit a UTI can influence any part of your urinary framework, it most frequently causes a disease in your bladder. This is known as cystitis. Cystitis after sex is a medical condition, where bladder get inflammation due to bacteria or fungus in some cases.

In spite of the fact that urine doesn’t contain bacteria, at times microorganisms in your genital region can get into your urinary tract. This can prompt inflammation, which is known as a UTI.

Many variables can contribute to your chances for getting a UTI, including engaging in sexual relations.

As per the experts, UTIs will probably impact around 50 to 60 percent of ladies in the course of their life. Despite the fact that men have a lower risk for getting a UTI, particularly after sex, it can in any case work out.

Lets find out how are  your chances for getting a UTI from sex,prrevention and the best treatment.

UTI after Sex?

uti after sex

Indeed, you can get a UTI after sex,  particularly in the case you’re a woman.The reason that ladies are more inclined to getting a UTI from sex is because of female urinary system. Ladies have a shorter urethra than men, and that implies,it’s simpler for bacteria to get into the bladder.

Additionally, the urethra is nearer to the rear-end in ladies. This makes it simpler for bacteria, similar to E. coli, to get into the urethra.

It’s critical to remember that you can likewise get a UTI from oral sex, not simply penetrative sex. With oral sex, microbes can in any case get  into the urethra, which can prompt an inflammation.

In spite of the fact that anybody is powerless to getting a UTI from engaging in sexual relations, Richardson expresses ladies with a background marked by repetitive UTIs or urinary irregularities have an exposed to higher chances of UTI.

UTI Symptoms

The side effects that go with a UTI can cause inconvenience. In the event that sufficiently extreme, this uneasiness can place a serious crimp in your everyday life.

A portion of the more normal side effects of a UTI include:

  • a desire to pee every now and again yet passing less pee
  • a burning sensation while peeing
  • agony or strain in the midsection or pelvic region
  • blood in Urine
  • Abnormal pee that might smell or seem shady
  • Rectal agony (in men)

Likewise,you can encounter torment in your upper back and stomach sides. This might be an indication that the disease has spread to your kidneys. Close by pain, you may likewise insight:

  • Sickness
  • Puking
  • Chills
  • Fever


UTI after sex

Here are a few ways to prevent UTI:

  • A few specialists likewise prescribe urinating after sexual intercourse sex to bring down the chances of a UTI.
  • Washing your genital region with warm water before sex might lessen the chances of bactria getting into the urethra, particularly for ladies.
  • A few contraceptives that doesn’t content spermicide
  • It is advised not ot wear too tight pants or under garment
  • Avoid using viginal spray,deodorant or perfumed pad
  • Drink a lot of liquids, something like six to eight glasses of water a day.


antibiotic,uti after sex

Most UTIs can be effectively treated with anti-infection agents such as antibiotic pills. As per the ACOG, most anti-infection medicines are extremely successful and last a couple of days of medication.

There are additionally different prescriptions accessible for treatment that are not anti-toxin based.

To assist with facilitating side effects of stomach agony or inconvenience while peeing, your doctor may likewise recommend torment drug.

In the case that a UTI is more muddled or has advanced to a more extreme inflammation, your primary care physician might recommend extra prescriptions or think about hospitalization.

In the event that you’re inclined to repeating UTIs (characterized as at least three UTIs a year), your doctor might think about extra medicines, for example :

  • a low-portion anti-microbial that is taken for a considerable length of time
  • a solitary portion of anti-microbials to be taken following sex
  • vaginal estrogen treatment for postmenopausal ladies

At home, while you’re holding on to see your  physician, you can follow this:

  • drink a lot of water
  • stay away from fluids that might bother your bladder, including:
  1. espresso
  2. pop
  3. citrus juice
  4. liquor
  • apply a warming cushion to your back if you have pelvic or stomach torment

Consult Doctor

It is good practise to keep yourself hydrated and maintain personal hygiene after sex. You should, however get consult to doctor as soon as you get symptoms of UTI. In severe cases, the doctor might recommend antibotics.

uti after sex


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